Confessions of a Surprise by Angelfire

Confessions of a Surprise
Rating: G
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Disclaimer: I do not own or take any claim to these characters. The estate of Master Tolkien owns them.
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The elves at the table watched the couple as they danced slowly across the floor. "Oh thank the Valar we pulled that off," Legolas said.

"WE" Elladan asked!

"What did you do my love," asked Elrohir?

"I keep Erestor busy so you all could set this up," Legolas stated as he sit back to pout.

"Ok little ones," Elrond said.

"I still can not believe Glorfindel forgot his on Bonding Anniversary," Elladan said.

**Snort** "This from the elf that forgot my Begetting Day," Legolas pointed out.

"I did not forget. It just slipped my mind," Elladan said.

"Same thing brother dear," Elrohir laughed.

The group laughed as Elladan reached up and yanked Elrohir braid, "seems you almost forgot."

"Well the point is that we did pull it off and Erestor does not need to know that Glorfindel forgot. I have instructed the scribes to remind him next year in time to plan something his self and also to remind him of Erestor's Begetting Day," Golweneth told the group. Looking at Elladan she asked, "do I need to set up a reminder for you too Elladan."

"No I will remember on my own next year," Elladan said.

Melpomaen caught Golweneth attention and signaled for her to set up a reminder just in case. She nodded back to him that she would.

"Well I for one am tired, so I am heading to bed," Golweneth said as she got up from her chair.

"I think I will join you, my dear," Melpomaen commented.

As the two headed off to their chambers the group left behind smiled.

"To be newly bonded," Elrond said

**Snort** "Yeah it is bad when the bonded life become sooooo boring," Thranduil said.

"That is not what I mean, love," Elrond stated.

"Then maybe you can explain what you mean then," Thranduil purred into Elrond's ear.

The two jumped up and hurried to their chambers.

The Three left at the table laughed upon their self as Elrohir stated, "Our Adars act like elflings sometime."

"Well they are so much in love," Elladan stated.

"Like us my loves, maybe we should head out to. I think I could do with some rest from today's work." Legolas added.

The couple on the floor turn to watch the last of their friends head off to bed.

Glorfindel looked at Erestor as he pulled him close the said, "I do love you Erestor and I am sorry that I forgot about our Anniversary. With all the attacks lately I have been busy, I should not have forgotten will you forgive me."

"I have loved you for all this centuries and I do not plan on stopping now. At least you told me the truth. That is what counts. We do have good friends, do we not," Erestor asked?

"Yes we do my love, lets say we head to bed and you can UNWRAP you gift," Glorfindel said.

"Yes my gift," Erestor purred.



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