Lonely by Erynlinia

Pairing: Erestor/Glorfindel
Rating: G
Disclaimer:  The recognizable characters are not mine. They belong
to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. No disrespect is intended and no
profit is being made.
Warnings: None
Beta: None, all mistakes are mine!
Summary:  prompt "lonely"

Even from this distance he could see the pain in those sapphire eyes
and it tugged strangely at his heart. The golden one sat alone, as
he had since his return, a lone observer on the fringes of Imladris.

The other elves treated him with an odd mixture of awe and fear, the
blond warrior's reputation and legend preceded him wherever he went.
The only ones comfortable enough to speak to him at any length were
Lord Elrond, his wife, and himself.

Erestor felt his throat tighten at the sad smile on the beautiful
face as Glorfindel watched the twin sons of Elrond scamper about. He
glanced around the meadow noting how many families were gathered for
the picnic, love and joy emanating from everyone…except the great
elf sitting alone.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Erestor turned to see his brother
nod to him. Thalos could see the yearning in Erestor's eyes and was
glad of it…too long his older brother had kept his heart locked
away. Thalos' wife smiled her encouragement, too, as she tied back
her daughter's hair.

Taking a deep breath, he stood and walked the distance to where
Glorfindel sat.


"Erestor! Are you enjoying the picnic?" Glorfindel stood to greet
his friend, a broad smile on his face.

"I would enjoy it more if you would consent to join us," Erestor
answered softly.

At first, Glorfindel wasn't sure if he'd heard the advisor correctly.

"My brother and his family would like you to join us for the
picnic, `Fin."

Glorfindel looked behind Erestor and saw a lovely, blonde elleth
wave him over.

"That is my brother's wife, she makes the finest desserts I have
ever had," Erestor said, seeing the longing in Glorfindel's eyes.

It became apparent that the warrior was indecisive, so Erestor
gently took his hand and led him to their picnic area. Glorfindel
flinched at the heat that swept through his body at the contact and
saw Erestor had similarly been affected.

Before he could question it, Erestor was introducing his family to
Glorfindel. They greeted him warmly and as he sat down beside the
advisor he felt welcomed. Thalos and his wife talked about every day
things, never once making Glorfindel feel out of place or the center
of unwanted attention.

Their little daughter, about the same age as the twins, kept up a
litany of questions. Where did he get his sword? What was his
favorite food? Did he have a bedtime? On and on the questions came
but Glorfindel's smile only grew wider and wider.

When the meal was done and the fruit pie dished up, the elfling
asked if she could serve her new friend.

"Just be careful, Rían. Do not drop it."

"I will not drop it, Nana."

Glorfindel smiled as he watched the black-haired elfling tiptoe over
to him, carrying his plate as if it were the most treasured gift in
the world. She handed it to him without incident and knelt beside

"This is delicious," Glorfindel said, then grew aware of those big
green eyes still staring up at him.

"Rían, it is rude to stare," Thalos gently chided.

"I did not mean to stare…I wanted to ask Glorfin'l a question and
did not want to interrupt his dessert. I am sorry."

"Another question?" Rían's mother sighed.

"That is fine, the little one is not bothering me. Ask me your
question," Glorfindel grinned.

Rían leaned closer her eyes suddenly filled with concern.

"You do not feel lonely anymore, do you?"

Glorfindel felt his heart catch and glanced at the elves surrounding
him. His blue eyes locked with the dark brown of Erestor, who had
been a silent, strong presence the entire time. He looked to Rían
who eagerly waited for her answer then back to Erestor.

"No. I am not lonely anymore."

~*~ End ~*~


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