Comfort by Erynlinia

Characters: Legolas/Estel
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:  The recognizable characters are not mine. They belong
to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. No disrespect is intended and no
profit is being made.
Warnings: M/M, slash
Beta: None, all mistakes are mine!
Summary:  The weight of Estel's destiny begins to weigh on him.


"No," Estel mumbled in his sleep. "I-Ino."

He tossed and turned, fighting the nightmare that haunted him lately. The oppressive responsibility he felt choked him and he dreamed of failing, but failing what he did not know.

People he knew and loved died in these dreams and he felt it was his fault. Why? Why did these dreams torment him!?


A light film of sweat covered his body as he tried desperately to wake up.

Suddenly, he felt strong but gentle arms hold him. His heart quit racing with fear as he felt himself being rocked tenderly.

"Shhh," came a familiar and much loved voice at his ear then a brush of lips against his own. "Rest, Estel, I will guard youI will keep you safe."

With a sigh, Estel indeed fell back to sleep, pleased his beloved wood-elf had entered his dreams.

Legolas smiled as he watched the sleeping human. He had heard his cries of distress and silently entered the room. The moment he took him in his arms, Estel quieted.

Yes, he would keep his love safe.



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