Shh by Janalynn27


Pairing: Elladan/Elrohir
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. They belong to the estate
of J.R.R. Tolkien. No disrespect is intended and no profit is being
Beta: Me, Myself, and I
Warnings: Slash, m/m sex, twincest
Summary: The twins find something more pleasurable than reading to do in the library.
Author's Note: Mindspeaking is denoted by 'dialogue'


Elladan tried his hardest to keep from making any noise but he could not contain the soft moan that slipped passed his lips.

`Shh Dan! Do you want Erestor to hear you?'

Arching his back, Elladan gripped the shelf behind him, in hopes to keep himself from falling as his brother's wicked tongue laved the tip of his weeping member. The older twin bit down hard onto his lip to stifle another moan as his arousal was swallowed to the base and a finger pushed passed his guardian ring and into his tight passage.

Elrohir added another finger and prepared his twin, the excitement of taking Elladan here, in the upper balcony of Erestor's library, taking their passion to an even higher pitch. When he heard the air rush out of his brother as he brushed against his prostate, followed by a growl, he said, `Shh…'

Elladan closed his eyes tightly as he growled in his mind, `Next time it is my turn and we will see how well you can stay quiet!'

Elrohir smiled, `It would be my pleasure.'

Elladan could not take no more, so he wrapped his fist in his twin's hair and pulled Elrohir up to capture his lips as he hissed, `Take me now!'

Flipping Elladan around, Elrohir grasped his twin's hips, and in one fluid stroke, sheathed himself to the hilt. It was Elrohir's turn to moan out loud as Elladan's body accepted his, tightly gripping his member.

 It was Elladan's turn to smile as he said to his twin, `Shh!'

The End


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